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Use any of these greens:
Baby Spinach leaves (organic bagged or fresh from the farm/garden)
Mixed greens of any sort!

Add any/some of these:
Bean sprouts - or any type of sprouts
Red/green/sweet onions sliced
Cucumbers fresh from the garden
Jicama - slivers/chopped
Cold cooked vegetables you may have in your fridge i.e. broccoli
Any number of other fresh items from the garden/farm!

Toss with Dressings made from (especially at this time of year):
Any fruited vinegars i.e. Raspberry, Black Current
Any of the oils i.e. olive (old standby) Walnut oil, Watkins
grapeseed oil - the list is endless!

Top with:
Fresh berries and/or dried berries
Other dried fruits - try chopped (not too small) apple
Bit of Bean Salad, drained - from Costco in large jars
Salted roasted Sunflower seeds and/or roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Other nuts - any nuts are better if you roast them a bit in oven
Feta cheese
Hemp seeds
…and of course fresh herbs from the garden!

Summer Salads



Summer Salads



Salads - Summer



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