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Why Use A Personal Chef?

You are too busy and too tired after a long day at work, or don’t want to be bothered with the time and mess involved in planning and cooking healthy meals everyday.

The average person spends 9-10 hours each week planning, shopping, preparing and cleaning up after cooking. This is ‘time’ that a Personal Chef can give back to you!

Consider the advantages of having a Personal Chef:

  • Time saving

  • Convenience

  • Peace of mind

  • Variety

  • Value

  • Flexibility


You wonder ‘What can a Personal Chef do for me?'


A Personal Chef can make your life easier, and make mealtime a stress-free, healthy and delicious part of your day.

Your Personal Chef will plan your menus, shop for your groceries and prepare your meals.

Not to be confused with a Private Chef who cooks for a single family or individual, a Personal Chef cooks for several families or individuals.

Here’s how it works!

  1. After a personal consultation with you to determine your preferences, special needs and any dietary restrictions, your Personal Chef will create a personalized menu specifically for you and/or your family.

  2. On your day of service, your Personal Chef will shop for the finest and freshest quality ingredients and arrive at your home equipped with his/her own cookware and all the groceries needed to create your delicious menu.

  3. Your Chef will prepare all the meals in your kitchen within four to six hours, using his/her own equipment.

  4. Your Chef will then package and label your meals (which can be packaged individually or family-style) in reusable containers. Heating instructions come with all your meals. Some meals will be kept in the refrigerator while others can go in the freezer for later consumption.

  5. Your kitchen will be left clean and full of aromas of delicious home cooking.

What a treat!

Personal Chef - Vancouver BC


planning and cooking healthy meals everyday!


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